March 13, 2019

AccessPoint on Danforth

AccessPoint on Danforth is a multiservice Community Hub that was conceived from the United Way Toronto’s neighbourhood development strategy. This facility serves as a community resource in one of the priority neighbourhoods of Toronto, particularly for the residents of Taylor-Massey neighbourhood that includes Crescent Town, Teesdale, Secord-Lumsden and Dawes Road.  On October 19, 2010 the AccessPoint on Danforth officially opened its doors for public. AccessPoint on Danforth is a purpose-built Community Hub and offers a variety of services under one roof. The Hub operates on a shared services model on a 14500 sq. ft. facility which houses five different agencies.

The five agencies based in this Hub are:

  • Access Alliance
  • Neighbourhood Group (Action for Neighbourhood Change)
  • COTA
  • East York East Toronto

This Community Hub serves as a place to bring local residents together. Our approach of interdisciplinary team working ensures that the AccessPoint on Danforth offers services in an inclusive environment where everyone is welcomed without any prejudices and stereotyping. The Hub organizes a number of events for the local residents. Most of these events are jointly organized by partner agencies based in the Hub.

The Hub has opened new doors of opportunities and possibilities for all the agencies based in this facility. Agencies are working more closely and increasingly collaborating on program and service delivery. Based under one roof allows agencies to improve inter-agency referrals thus simplifying service experience for clients. Hub offers an incubation space for new ideas to flourish. It encourages local entrepreneurial residents to see the world as a more optimistic place with new opportunities and room for nurturing creative talents.

AccessPoint on Danforth


If you’ve had a negative experience at AccessPoint on Danforth and would like to make a complaint, please complete the below form and email to

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