Knowledge Mobilization & Advocacy

Our Centre actively shares and mobilizes research evidence to inform healthy public policies, services, and upstream solutions geared at advancing health equity. We aspire to create a more inclusive, equitable and healthy society by deepening civic engagement and leading/amplifying advocacy campaigns focused on social determinants of health. The advocacy campaigns we lead or support fall within four domains: Equitable Access to Healthcare; Economic and Employment Security, Anti-Racism and Anti-Discrimination, Fair Access to Immigration.

You can find our Knowledge Mobilizations and Advocacy Framework here

Advocacy Campaigns

Link to Equitable Access to Health Care

Equitable Access to Healthcare

In line with the UN declaration, we believe that healthcare is a basic human right and that everyone, irrespective of immigration status and socio-economic background, should have equitable access to healthcare services. We endorse, and are engaged in, the following campaigns that champion universal healthcare access to all residents …

Link to Economic and Employment Security

Economic and Employment Security

Income security and decent work are the most important determinants, not just for health but also for other wellbeing indicators, including housing security, food security and others. We are mobilizing evidence to support these advocacy campaigns …

Link to Anti-Racism and Anti-Oppression

Anti-Racism and Anti-Oppression

We are actively involved in advocacy campaigns and initiatives focused on overcoming systemic racism/racialization and other forms of discrimination (based on gender, sexual orientation, immigration status, disability …

Link to Fair Access to Immigration

Fair Access to Immigration

In line with UNCHR, we believe that all people (regardless of economic capacity or country of origin) should have safe, fair and equitable access to be able to migrate/resettle and apply for permanent residency and citizenship. We endorse and are involved in the following campaigns …