Remote Interpretation Ontario Network – R.I.O. Network

In response to the growing demand for immediate 24/7 access to over-the phone interpreting, AALS developed R.I.O.— Remote Interpretation Ontario Network.

R.I.O. is a collaborative call centre model shared with other Canadian nonprofit community interpreting agencies to integrate local resources into a high quality, affordable alternative for on-demand immediate phone interpretation.

The call centre is resourced by each collaborating agency with their own interpreters for languages in top demand or need in their region. All R.I.O. collaborating agencies meet the training and qualifications standards that AALS has for its own interpreters.

R.I.O. is backed by LanguageLine Solutions (LLS), the world’s largest over-the-phone interpreting provider. LLS was carefully chosen for their rigorous quality assurance procedures. As a result of our consortium with LLS, we are able to meet your on-demand phone interpretation needs and continue to offer professional, high-quality interpretation, when and where you need it.

R.I.O. is simple to use and accessible 24/7 from anywhere within North America with our toll-free number, 1-888-278-8007.

Please contact us today for more information and to set up your R.I.O. account.

Contact us: 1-888-278-8007, “0”