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Before contacting us, please read through the questions below, which we most commonly receive, to see if they have the information you’re looking for.


Common Questions

I need proof of having been vaccinated but I don’t have status in Canada. What can I do?

I’m looking for a doctor. What are my options?

I don’t have status and I don’t have a doctor AND I live in Toronto. Where can I go if I need to see a doctor? 

I want a doctor at Access Alliance. What are my options?

  • You can contact reception at 416-324-8677 to get a registration form and instructions on applying for a doctor at Access Alliance.

My OHIP card has expired. What do I do?

I need help coming to Canada as a refugee. Where can I find help?

We do not assist individuals making refugee claims, but you can find information and resources at the links below:

If you live outside of Canada and you are also LGBTQ+, you may find additional assistance at:

I’m an LGBTQ+ immigrant, refugee or I don’t have status.  Are there services at Access Alliance for me? 


If you have more questions or need help with another matter, please contact us!

How to reach us

Access Alliance Downtown
340 College St., Ste. 500, Toronto, ON M5T 3A9
Phone: 416-324-8677
Fax: 416-324-9074
Confidential Fax: 416-324-9490

AccessPoint on Danforth
3079 Danforth Avenue, Toronto, ON M1L 1A8
Phone: 416-693-8677
Fax: 416-693-1330
Confidential Fax: 416-699-7824

AccessPoint on Jane
761 Jane St. 2nd Floor, Toronto, ON M6N 4B4
Phone: 416-760-8677
Fax: 416-760-8670
Confidential Fax: 416-760-2811

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