Building Capacity for Equity-Informed Planning and Evaluation

In partnership with the Alliance for Healthier Communities, this project seeks to build organizational capacity on health equity with champion community health centres (CHC) across Ontario.

Our Project Goals and Activities
The overall aim of this project is to build organizational level knowledge, commitment and capacity to routinely use a health equity framework and evidence geared at overcoming systemic inequities in healthcare access, healthcare quality and health outcomes. More specifically, our key goals and activities were to:

  • Improve knowledge, skills and attitudes among community health centres and social service agencies regarding equity-informed planning and evaluation, including capacity to routinely collect relevant socio-demographic indicators and conduct disaggregated, intersectional analysis to understand and overcome health disparities that exist within or between client populations
  • Enhance resources available to community health centres and social service agencies regarding evidence informed planning and evaluation
  • Increase the number of community health centres and social service agencies using equity-informed planning and evaluation frameworks.

We worked with seven “champion” CHC across Ontario. We first conducted a baseline survey with each champion CHC to identify ‘current state’ and needs in terms of operationalizing health equity. With support from health equity coaches, each champion CHC developed a unique strategy and work plan based on identified goals and needs on equity-informed planning and evaluation. These strategies and activities were then implemented over the course of the project cycle with opportunities to evaluate impact, and reflect on challenges and best practices.

Our Project Team Members
This project was led by Access Alliance and Alliance for Healthier Communities. The following seven CHC partnered as champion CHCs: Planned Parenthood Toronto, Somerset West Community Health Centre, Chigamik Community Health Centre, Centre de santé communautaire du Témiskaming, North Lambton Community Health Centre, Rideau Community Health Centre, Women’s Health In Women’s Hands Community Health Centre.

Our Knowledge Translation Activities
We developed a wealth of hands-on health equity tools that CHCs and community agencies can use. Please visit our Health Equity Resource page for a full list of training modules, tools, templates, and other resources to put health equity into practice.

Our Funder
This project was funded by Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration, Partnership Grants Program.

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