Over the past several years our research team has been involved in a large number of projects both as principle investigator and as a collaborating organization. This is a comprehensive list of all our publications.

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Impact of Family Loss and Separation on Refugee Youth: Implications for Policy and Programs: Scoping Review Abojedi, A., Almagir, A.K.M., Hynie, M., Janczur, A., McKenzie, K., Nudel, S., Roche, B., Siddiqui, S. 2020 Special Edition Immigrant & Refugee Health, Mental Health Open Access, Peer Reviewed
Undocumented.Stories: Hand-written stories from Torontonians living without permanent status Access Alliance Multicultural Health and Community Services 2023 Self-Published Economic Security & Health, Healthcare Access & Equity, Immigrant & Refugee Health Open Access
Aspirations for Higher Education among Newcomer Refugee Youth in Toronto: Expectations, Challenges, and Strategies Abiyo, S., Akbari, A., Alley, S., Guruge, S., Htoo. S., Hynie, M., Khogali, A., Malik, M., Murtaza, R., Shakya, Y.B. 2011 Refuge Economic Security & Health Peer Reviewed
Health and growth status of immigrant and refugee children in Toronto, Ontario: A retrospective chart review Hoffmann. S.M., Lofters, A.K., Polsky, J.Y., Rouleau, K.D., Salehi, L. 2015 Paediatric Child Health Immigrant & Refugee Health Peer Reviewed
Severe Neonatal Morbidity Among Births to Refugee Women Bassil, K., Cole, D.C., Hyman, I., Moineddin, R., Shakya, Y.B., Urquia, M., Wanigaratne, S. 2016 Maternal Child Health Journal Immigrant & Refugee Health Peer Reviewed (Restricted Access)
Precarious work experiences of racialized immigrant women in Toronto: A community based study Athar, S., Merolli, J., Premji, S., Shakya, Y.B., Spasevski, M. 2014 Just Labour: A Canadian Journal of Work and Society Economic Security & Health Peer Reviewed
A Practice-based Methodology on Conducting a Collaborative Scoping Review with PRISMA-ScR Model for the Separated Refugee Youth Project Abojedi, A., Almagir, A.K.M., Nudel, S. 2022 Journal of Scientific Research and Reports Economic Security & Health, Evaluation Research, Healthcare Access, Healthcare Access & Equity, Immigrant & Refugee Health, Mental Health, Refugee Mental Health Open Access
Breast and Colorectal Cancer Screening Barriers among Immigrants and Refugees: A Mixed-Methods Study at Three Community Health Centres in Toronto, Canada Almagir, A.K.M., Lofters, A.K., Nitti, N., Shakya, Y.B., Wang, A.M.Q., Yung, E.M. 2020 Journal of Immigrant and Minority Health. Healthcare Access & Equity Peer Reviewed, Restricted Access
Characteristics of Self-Rated Oral Health among Syrian Refugee Parents in Ontario Almagir, A.K.M., Alzaghoul, A., Parmin, R.M., Tamim, H., Younis, K. 2023 International Journal of Dentistry Oral health, Refugee health, Syrian Refugee Open Access
Reflexivity: A Methodological Tool in the Knowledge Translation Process? Alley, S., Jackson, S., Shakya, Y.B. 2015 Health Promotion Practice Healthcare Access & Equity Peer Reviewed (Restricted Access)