Over the past several years our research team has been involved in a large number of projects both as principle investigator and as a collaborating organization. This is a comprehensive list of all our publications.

The database below includes our publications with restricted access, if you would like to access them please contact research@accessalliance.ca.

All files are in Adobe Acrobat PDF format unless otherwise noted. You will need to download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these documents. 

*Please note: For publications with multiple authors, the system automatically lists them in alphabetical order (as seen in the database below). To view the correct sequence of authors for any publication, please refer to the publication document itself. 

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Accessible versions of all documents and information that appears on the Access Alliance website is available on request by contacting TalkToUs@accessalliance.ca. Access Alliance will work with individuals to provide the document or the information in a format that is accessible to them.

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Role and Level of Engagement of Peer Researchers in Systematic Reviews: A Review Article Abeshu, G., Almagir, A.K.M., Anene, I., Castro Arteaga, M., Workentin, M. 2022 Advances in Research, 23(5):5-17 Peer Researchers Open Access
The Growth and Evolution of a CHC: Responding to Changing Needs using a Dynamic, Decentralized Model of Care Almagir, A.K.M., Janczur, A., Nerad, S., Saroli, M. 2021 Alliance for Healthier Communities - Book Chapter Healthcare Access Open Access, Peer Reviewed
Primary Health Care with Immigrant and Refugee Populations Janczur, A., Nerad, S. 2000 Australian Journal of Primary Health Healthcare Access & Equity, Immigrant & Refugee Health Peer Reviewed
Computer-assisted client assessment survey for mental health: patient and health provider perspectives Ahmad, F., Ferrari, M., Ledwos, C., McKenzie, K., Shakya, Y.B. 2016 BMC Health Services Research Mental Health Peer Reviewed
A pilot with computer-assisted psychosocial risk –assessment for refugees Abuelaish, I., Ahmad, F., Ahmadzi, H.M., Khoaja, K., Li. J., Lou, W., Norman, C.D., Shakya, Y.B. 2012 BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making Immigrant & Refugee Health Peer Reviewed
Refugee maternal and perinatal health in Ontario, Canada: a retrospective population-based study Cole, D.C., Dastoori, P., Rashid, M., Shakya, Y.B., Urquia, M., Wanigaratne, S. 2018 BMJ Open Immigrant & Refugee Health Peer Reviewed
Mental health of South Asian youth in Peel Region, Toronto, Canada: a qualitative study of determinants, coping strategies and service access Abuelaish, I., Ahmad, F., Ahmadzi, H.M., Khoaja, K., Li. J., Lou, W., Norman, C.D., Shakya, Y.B. 2017 BMJ Open Mental Health Peer Reviewed
Family Relationships of Afghan, Karen, and Sudanese Refugee Youth Guruge, S., Hynie, M., Shakya, Y.B. 2012 Canadian Ethnic Studies Immigrant & Refugee Health Peer Reviewed
Cervical cancer screening among vulnerable women Lofters, A.K., Rashid, M., Wiedmeyer, M. 2012 Canadian Family Physician Immigrant & Refugee Health Peer Reviewed
Burden of common mental disorders in a community health centre sample Ahmad, F., Ferrari, M., Ginsburg, L., Ledwos, C., Lou, W., McKenzie, K., Ng, P.T., Rashid, M., Shakya, Y.B. 2016 Canadian Family Physician Mental Health Peer Reviewed