Save, Preserve and Serve

With our Save, Preserve and Serve project we are teaching people canning, pickling and other techniques to preserve food, reduce waste and help address food security needs. 

In the fall of 2020, we brought together eight community leaders from different cultural backgrounds to hold workshops on how to pickle, can or otherwise preserve food. This was an opportunity for them to share their cultural knowledge with community members and help build skills, confidence and a sense of belonging through cooking.

Three community leaders share their favourite recipes in the videos below. You can find  all of the pickling and preserving tutorials here.

HaYung’s Carrot Cucumber Kimchi

Jihad’s Amer Achar (Mango Pickles)

Sarah’s Spicy Lemon Pickles

Helpful food preservation and safety tips

Food safety training video for understanding safe food handling practices

Video explaining the various preservation methods/processes

Proper sterilization and water bath tutorial

DIY canning rack set-up at home

This community initiative was funded by the City of Toronto.