Access Alliance’s Physiotherapist provides one-on-one individual assessment and treatment of conditions related to muscles, bones and nerves. The physiotherapy service is available at our east site at AccessPoint on Danforth

Physiotherapists are movement specialists. They help clients get back to normal movement after an injury, illness or long-term inactivity by working with them to reduce pain and improve movement through exercises, hands-on therapy and coaching. Physiotherapists can help people throughout all life stages including pregnancy, infancy, childhood, adolescence, adulthood and later life.

Our Approach

Physiotherapy at Access Alliance believes in health with dignity via client-centred care and anti-oppressive principles. We recognize the layers of challenges that individuals and communities face in order to achieve health changes and we work with them to find changes that feel achievable and meaningful.

We rely on interactive learning to help clients develop goals that meet their individual needs. Wherever possible, we work with interpreters and use multilingual, multicultural resources that respect the diversity of the many individuals and communities with whom we work.

Our Physiotherapist also offers group programs, such as Back To Movement, a program for people with chronic back pain; and The Strong and Steady Falls Prevention Program. These groups include an exercise and education component that clients can continue to maintain as part of a healthy lifestyle. 

Clients are referred to our Physiotherapist from our Primary Health Care Team for health concerns such as physical injury, acute pain, chronic pain, or issues with mobility. Settlement services can also refer clients for physiotherapy, as long as they have a family doctor or nurse practitioner at Access Alliance.

Talk to your primary care provider to find out if physiotherapy is the right service for you.

Here is an example of what you can expect from physiotherapy: