Health With Dignity

Health With Dignity is an initiative of Access Alliance designed to help people in the communities we serve better navigate the health system. The program is delivered by a multi-disciplinary team that includes a Nurse Manager, Registered Nurse, Occupational Therapist and Medical Secretary. Together the team provides:

  • Primary care services: Conducting health assessments, needs identification, care planning and primary care/chronic disease management
  • Health care coordination and navigation: Facilitating referrals and linkages to primary care providers and to community resources that address the broader determinants of health (e.g., employment, legal, housing)
  • Client education and support: Increasing our clients’ capacity (e.g., understanding, knowledge, skills and confidence) to set health care goals and better use available health and community resources.

Health With Dignity works with vulnerable people who experience the following challenges:

  • Being uninsured or under-insured – without access to health care benefits such as dental, vision and prescription medications
  • Having limited or no access to formal health system supports or services (e.g., a person who does not have a case manager or a coordinated care plan)
  • Having a high dependency on others to navigate care needs
  • Having a significant history of fragmented health care
  • Having chronic disease(s) or complex care issues and needs
  • Having a low level of health literacy

The program is for people who wish to work collaboratively with a health coach in order to set goals that will improve their knowledge, skills and confidence and their experience with the health care system.

What is health coaching?

Health coaching helps clients understand how to navigate the health care system, puts them in touch with services and practitioners they need, and helps them build skills and confidence. Health coaches serve as guides to help clients  actively engage in taking charge of their own health. 

Learn more about Access Alliance Health Coaches here (PDF 328 KB).

Clients are currently referred to a health coach by providers at Access Alliance or through the Solo Practitioner in Need (SPIN) Program. Please contact us for more information about the Health With Dignity program or to find out how you can be referred to a health coach.