What’s Up on the Roof

Welcome to our Green Roof!

Garden Layout: Main deck, south deck and north deck, children's garden, herb garden, vegetable gardens, inch-by-inch garden and strawberry patch.

Total area: 6,426 sq. ft / 597 m2
Garden beds: 3,865 sq. ft / 360 m2
Decks: 1,091 sq. ft / 101 m2
Paths & others: 1,470 sq. ft / 136 m2

Soil depth: 8 inches
Soil amendments: compost, vermicompost, composted duck manure, kelp meal, greensand, insect frass, microrrhizae

Energy cycling features
Rainwater collection: Four barrels with total 1320 Litres
Composting: One 3-cell compost bin and two single compost bins
Passive solar water collector

Multicultural vegetable gardens
Culinary and healing herbs
Pollinator garden
Children’s garden
Inch-by-inch gardens

The gardens feature a collection of fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers. Visitors have an opportunity to see the crops they  help produce through tasks like watering, weeding, and harvesting. All the plants are organically grown – we don’t use any synthetic fertilizers, or insecticides, herbicides or fungicides.

Other features
A Pergola for shade
Wheelchair accessible raised planter boxes
Moveable tables and chairs
Fixed benches
A fixed potting table that doubles as a cooking area
Sub-irrigated container demonstrations
A portable outdoor sink