Good Food Box Program

Everyone knows the critical role vegetables play in maintaining good health and preventing disease. Yet in recent years, vegetable prices had the highest price increase compared to any other food category – sometimes as high as a 12% jump, double any anticipated increase. Community members experiencing food insecurity simply cannot afford vegetables often enough or in the quantities required to maintain good health. 

As part of a short-term relief strategy to respond to food insecurity, Access Alliance serves as a distribution hub for The Good Food Box (FoodShare), a low-cost box of fresh, mostly local, culturally diverse, seasonal vegetables and fruits. 

How to Order a Good Food Box

Six different types of boxes can be pre-ordered, priced between $15 and $38 per box.

  • Small Produce Box – $16
  • Large Produce Box – $22
  • Fruit Box – $16
  • Wellness Box (pre-cut) – $15
  • Small Organic Box – $28
  • Large Organic Box – $38

Participants pick up their Good Food Box weekly at AccessPoint on Danforth, 3079 Danforth Avenue, Toronto (map)

If you are interested in signing up for the Good Food Box, contact us by email or call 416-324-8677.