Food Insecurity

Food insecurity is defined as the inability to purchase enough food at the times it is needed because of inadequate money. It negatively impacts health and costs our healthcare system considerably.

Access Alliance knows that food insecurity is caused by poverty and that it has significant impacts on health outcomes. We also know that 82% of reported patients in Toronto Community Health Centres fall into the two lowest quintiles for income (65% in the lowest). For this reason, our food insecurity initiatives invest resources into everything from short-term relief strategies for clients who do not have enough money to buy food to research and projects targeting structural and systemic change.

Short-term relief strategies

Advocacy for structural and systemic change strategies

  • Eliminate 3 month wait for OHIP
  • Raise minimum wage campaign
  • Financial literacy

To learn more about research into policy approaches to reduce household food insecurity across Canada, visit PROOF Food Insecurity Research.