Financial Literacy

Access Alliance has a long history of promoting income security and economic literacy as an important social determinant of health. Given that poverty is a critical social determinant of health, we address the issue of financial literacy in many ways – through one-on-one counselling, delivering information workshops, providing tools and resources, and addressing systemic issues regarding barriers faced by vulnerable populations.

Access Alliance provides one-on-one support for individuals and families who want to improve their financial literacy. We also organize regular workshops. Please contact us by email for more information or call 416-324-8677.

A free community income tax service is offered by volunteers who are trained by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) to help people living with low incomes prepare their income tax and benefit returns. The clinic is offered during the tax season, based on an annual posted schedule. Check our  program calendar early in the year for more information. Eligibility is based on income thresholds.

Financial Literacy Education

Government Benefits & Tax Credits

Government Savings Plans

Income Tax Resources

Banking & Financial Services


Debt Management

Credit Reporting

  • Financial Consumer Agency of Canada: This website gives examples of both Equifax and Transunion credit reports. It has resources on how to read them and correct errors.
  • Equifax: Access to your credit history and score for a fee and also has a free credit education centre.
  • Transunion: Credit monitoring products and services for sale and also has a credit learning centre.

Consumer Rights

Consumer Advocates