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Light blue background with purple /black text: "Online appointment booking is coming to Access Alliance! Acces Alliance's health services clients will soon be able to book appointments online via the Ocean Platform on our website, making the process easier and more accessible,"

Online Appointment Booking is coming to Access Alliance!

It will soon be easier to book an appointment with your Access Alliance healthcare or program service provider. Over the summer, the Ocean Platform will be launched on the Access Alliance website, allowing existing clients of Access Alliance to book an appointment online as well as receive appointment reminders (via cell phone and email).

This Toronto-based software is designed with the goal of making healthcare easier and more accessible for patients to get their health concerns addressed. Privacy and security of patient information is a top priority.

The traditional method of booking an appointment (over the phone) will remain for those who prefer it or do not have an email or cell phone.

If you are an existing client and are interested in accessing this booking system, help us prepare by providing your most up-to-date cell phone number and a secure email address where you can receive private and confidential information.

To add a new, or update an existing email address please complete one of the following:


 By Email


Email us at:

Include your full name and telephone number.  Do not send any other personal information to this e-mail address as it will only be used for acquiring your e-mail address.

By Fax

Fax: 416.324.9074
Attention: Medical Secretary Team
Include your full name and phone number along with your email address


By Mail


Write to us with your full name and your e-mail address, and mail it to:
Attention: Medical Secretary Team
340 College St., Ste., 500
Toronto, ON, M5T 3A9

In person

Drop off in person to any of our 3 locations:
Downtown College Site: 340 College St., Suite 500   
AccessPoint on Danforth: 3079 Danforth Ave.
AccessPoint on Jane: 761 Jane St.

Click here to see maps and hours of operation for all sites

Please note that by providing your email address to Access Alliance Multicultural Health & Community Services (AAMHCS) you are confirming consent to receive email communication from AAMHCS. You may withdraw your consent to receive email communication from AAMHCS at any time by sending an email with the subject heading STOP to


Summer is here! Check out our program calendar for summer activities for individuals and groups of all ages. We have gardening workshops, fitness classes, group bike rides, bike tune ups and safety checks, art classes, computer courses, and much more!

Click here to download and print a copy of the summer calendar.


Pride Month

Pride Month is an opportunity to celebrate the strength and diversity of the 2SLGBTQIA+ community, as well as reflect on the struggles and achievements that make up its history. Just as important is an ongoing commitment, throughout the year, to tackle the service- and system-level barriers faced by this population. LGBTQ+ newcomers, a priority population of Access Alliance, face unique barriers to health and wellbeing in Canada. Here are some examples of ongoing work and initiatives we are involved in to support better outcomes for this population – the first, at the organizational level, and the second at the system level.

Creating safe and welcoming spaces for 2SLGBTQIA+ community, including newcomers

We partnered with the Rainbow Affinity Group of Toronto Neighbourhood Centres and the Toronto East Quadrant Local Immigration Partnership to support and evaluate their Earning the Rainbow workshop series. This series of experiential workshops focused on our workplace environments and explored how we can strengthen inclusive practice across our organizations – from first-point-of-contact staff to service providers, to management and directors.

We evaluated the workshops in terms of their effectiveness in: (1) supporting participants to understand the experiences of people who identify as 2SLGBTQIA+; and (2) building skills to serve them. The responses from each workshop’s evaluation were used to support the design of the following workshop series, while also being collated to demonstrate the effectiveness of this workshop model.

This type of capacity-building initiative offers an excellent opportunity for individuals and organizations to consider how we can continue to learn, grow, and create more welcoming spaces for the 2SLGBTQIA+ community.

You can read more about the workshop series here (under the 2SLGBTQIA+ INCLUSION tab).

You can read the evaluation report here.

LGBTQ+ newcomers and housing

Earlier this spring, Access Alliance collaborated with East York East Toronto (EYET) Family Resources to hold a Community Conversation in which housing workers and professionals, shelter workers, and others in the newcomer-serving sectors came together to learn about and discuss the challenges and barriers faced by LGBTQ+ newcomers in Toronto when it comes to accessing housing. Here we discussed the entire housing journey – from permanent housing to experiences within the shelter system, as well as healthy housing policies that we should be advocating for.

We presented key findings from our 2021 report, Beyond Positive Intentions – research that aims to support the social services sector to advance well-being and equity for LGBTQ+ newcomers. We also shared two animated case stories – Alex and Nafula’s stories  – based on the real experiences of our research project participants, which help to show the range of barriers faced by LGBTQ+ newcomers settling in Toronto.

Some excellent recommendations came out of the small group discussions about what is needed to better support LGBTQ+ newcomers in their housing journey. These included:

  • the importance of spreading knowledge of rental laws and tenants’ rights, and how it is essential to have this information available in newcomers’ preferred languages,
  • the need for city-run shelter workers to get ongoing training and information about how to work with the LGBTQ+ newcomer population, and

You can view the Access Alliance presentation slide deck here.

We also compiled resources for housing professionals and others working in the newcomer-serving /housing sectors to better support LGBTQ+ newcomers; you can find that resource list here. Lastly, we are still making time to celebrate this month! To connect with others and see what’s happening this month, join our LGBTQ+ Newcomer Youth Space, or drop in to our LGBTQ+ Newcomer Drop-In Program.

You can find information about other programs, groups and resources for LGBTQ+ newcomers here.