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Tackling TB Stigma

Taking a cross sectoral approach, Access Alliance Multicultural Health and Community Services, engaged representatives from primary care, settlement, public health, and community members from three populations to address the issue of stigma and its impact on tuberculosis (TB) care and support.
Our Knowledge Mobilization Activities & Products
For World Tuberculosis Day 2021,

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Building Capacity for Equity-Informed Planning and Evaluation

In partnership with the Alliance for Healthier Communities, this project seeks to build organizational capacity on health equity with champion community health centres (CHC) across Ontario.
Our Project Goals and Activities
The overall aim of this project is to build organizational level knowledge, commitment and capacity to routinely use a health equity framework and evidence geared at overcoming systemic inequities in healthcare access,

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Addressing Cervical Cancer Screening Inequity among Newcomer Women via HPV Self-Sampling

This research project sought to build evidence on community-based and culturally sensitive care pathways for promoting HPV self-sampling-based screening for cervical cancer among under/never-screened women within immigrant communities.
Our Knowledge Mobilization Activities & Products

Read about the project’s key findings and identified promising practices in our Critical Discussion Report – English,

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Reducing Appointment No-Shows: Understanding Determinants and Solutions

The key goal of this study is to investigate social and health system level determinants of appointment no-shows at a community health centre (Access Alliance). The end goal of this project is to identify evidence-informed institutional solutions and best practices for reducing appointment no-shows.
Why are we conducting this study?
Appointment no-shows (i.e.,

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