Seniors enjoy expanded services

Neighbourhood Centre is a vibrant community centre located on Barrington Avenue, a leafy residential street in Toronto’s east end. The organization has been supporting local seniors for years, but when it integrated with Access Alliance in 2017, it was able to expand its services and programs through Access Point on Danforth and offer residents new programs, social activities and opportunities to participate and volunteer in the community. In this story, participants share what it means to have access to these programs.

Seniors’ Sing and Dance Along Group

Bryce -“As a member of The Elderberries Sing and Dance Along group, I have found it challenging but fun to practice words performing in front of audiences. It is exciting to be part of a group of individuals who have different musical capacities and experience but who are keen and dedicated.”

Mia – “It is an enjoyable social gathering. Time to use our singing talents. It gives us opportunity to exercise our lung capacity. Music is great for the memory. Great social afternoon tea time with peers. One of the reasons motivates me to come out and mingle.“ 

Maria – “Sing and Dance Along is a true entertaining program for seniors. It’s time we get together and enjoy a little social. It’s also an opportunity to develop our talented skill. I have to say that it helped me to overcome my shyness and I feel proud of myself that I can sing along.”

Lucy – “I am a member of the Seniors Sing and Dance Along Program, the singing group mainly. We gather and rehearse songs we will be performing at different Access Alliance’s functions as part of Seniors Programs. We have fun, differences, harmony and then love. I enjoy singing and Bryce, the leader of the group, picks very good songs for us. Overall, it is very enjoyable and I like attending.”

Vicki – “I enjoy singing the songs even with different views on timing and tones. I enjoy getting together with this group. I like the way everyone’s opinions matter regarding the songs, delivery, and costume.” 

Seniors exercise at AccessPoint on Danforth

Sue – “Seniors Exercise Programs on Tuesdays and Thursdays morning at APOD really help me to stay fit and since I live nearby I invited my husband to join as well and I would definitely encourage other seniors to join. Access Alliance is a very clean, well ventilated open space and I would also encourage others to come.” 

Sarla – “Attending Seniors exercise classes of Seniors Programs (East End) of Access Alliance is an opportunity for me to meet others in the community, to share cultures and knowledge while building supportive relationships with each other. In turn, these mental or emotional benefits promote me feeling good physically. In 2017, when The Neighbourhood Centre and Access Alliance merged, I began to utilize programming at the Barrington site as well which allows me variety of options.