Leadership and transformation

Axelle Janczur has been the Executive Director at Access Alliance for the past 21 years. During that time, the organization has responded to community needs in more ways than can be listed here. Some highlights include the opening of community hubs in east and west Toronto, the launch of a successful social enterprise offering remote and in-person interpretation to community agencies and individuals, the opening of the Non Insured Walk In Clinic, innovation in community-based research and the establishment of the Immigrant Insight Scholar program, the creation of a safe, welcoming space for LGBTQ+ newcomers and much more.

When Past Chair of the Access Alliance Board of Directors, Maria Antonieta Smith, was asked to identify one accomplishment of the Board during her time, she said, “I truly believe that the greatest accomplishment under my tenure was the hiring of Axelle Janczur as Executive Director. Time has proved that Axelle had the skills and vision to help this community health agency, which began serving four linguistic communities, evolve to become a huge resource for the larger multicultural communities it serves today.