February 20, 2019


As a learning and teaching organization, Access Alliance is committed to providing enriched placement opportunities for students looking for field placements, particularly those who are from diverse ethnic and racial backgrounds. Students are recognized as a valued and important part of helping to further Access Alliance strategic directions.

We accept a limited number of college and university students who express an interest in the health of marginalized populations, including refugees and newcomers. Opportunities for students may be available in health promotion (youth, women, or community engagement and volunteerism), health administration and non-profit management, community-based research, social work and counselling, settlement, nutrition, and medical services.

Due to the high volume of requests we receive for student placements and a limited number of Access Alliance staff who are available to supervise students, we regret that we are unable to find placements for everyone who applies. Finding a placement with us is dependent on whether your skills and learning requirements are a good fit with the few available staff.

How to Apply

PLEASE NOTE THAT WE ARE NO LONGER ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS FOR WINTER 2019. In order to be considered for a student placement for Spring 2019 and beyond, candidates need to submit a complete application, as follows:

Please send in this application form, along with your résumé and a cover letter with detailed information about the following:

  • your interests and learning objectives
  • the types of roles you would like to be doing at Access Alliance
  • any relevant skills and experience you have
  • what types of support you think you might need from your staff supervisor
  • any other relevant information you think we should know

After we receive the above information, we will contact you to let you know whether a placement is possible.

If you are interested in a student placement with Access Alliance, or are currently enrolled in a field placement with a focus on newcomers and are interested in our Student Training Program.

Please contact:
Student Placement Coordinator
Email: volunteer@accessalliance.ca