February 20, 2019

Settlement Workers

What can a Settlement Worker do for you?

Settlement Counselors can:

  • give you information about your rights and entitlements as a new resident of Ontario,
  • help you fill out forms and applications,
  • help you find programs and services in your community
  • assist you to develop personal and community relationships and resources
  • provide advice, support and advocacy to deal with the effects of migration, culture shock, and other stresses of adjusting to life in Canada
  • give you information and orientation to Canadian systems like;
    • health care
    • housing
    • finance
    • shopping
    • civil rights and the police
    • children’s education, and
    • employment

Settlement services. Shankari with client_0Services are accessible in over 175 languages through the use of trained professional interpreters. If we don’t speak your language we will provide an interpreter at no cost to you. All our Settlement Workers welcome newcomers who are Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans or Queer (LGBTQ+).