February 20, 2019

Commitment to Quality

AALS is certified in the following standards for interpretation and translation:

  • EN 15038 Certification (European Standards on Translation Services)
  • CGSB CAN 131.10 Certification (Canadian Standards on Translation Services)
  • AILIA-NSGCIS Certification  (Canadian Standards on Community Interpreting Services – National Standard Guide for Community Interpreting Services)
  • LICS-CISP (Language Industry Certification System–Community Interpreting Service Provider)

AALS interpreters work to the highest standards of practice in community interpreting in health care and social service settings.

All of our interpreters are:

  • Screened for suitability
  • Tested for language proficiency and aptitude for interpreting using provincially accepted language and interpretation skills assessment tools (CILISAT and ILSAT)
  • Graduates of a 70-hour community interpretation training program or an interpretation degree from an accredited college or university
  • Trained in Medical Terminology through a minimum 30 hour college level course

In addition, each interpreter participates in:

  • Ongoing professional development opportunities at Access Alliance or elsewhere
  • Ongoing quality assurance initiatives

Our standards for community interpreting are codified in the following documents: