February 20, 2019

Newcomers Cooking Together

Newcomers Cooking Together

Newcomers Cooking Together is an inspirational cooking program that embraces and celebrates diversity!

Over the course of ten weeks, peer leaders and newcomers explore the adventures of healthy eating, safe food-handling skills and nutrition in Canada. Each week, we serve up personal recipes and stories along with some learning.

Come join us! You can practice English, meet new friends, share a favourite recipe and learn some nutrition tips to share with family or friends– Newcomers Cooking Together has something for everyone!

Registration: Coming Soon!

Program Runs: September-December, annually.

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Each autumn, Newcomers Cooking Together happens in 4-5 locations across Toronto. Come witness our excitement as we learn personal recipes from one another and discover nutrition tips to carry with us during resettlement in Canada!

Newcomers Cooking Together- Men’s Edition

The continued success of Newcomers Cooking Together (NCT) led to a demand for a similar program for men to learn about healthy eating and cooking. Traditionally, for a variety of reasons, men do not have a place in home-cooking, but change and resettlement in a new country makes food skills and home-cooking essential for both men and women alike.

So, in January 2010, we piloted a Men’s Edition of NCT.  The program was a huge hit and we are pleased to report that we have successfully found a way to make the Men’s Edition of NCT a permanent part of the nutrition program at AAMHCS.

Registration:  Coming Soon!

Program Runs: September – December, annually.

Newcomers Cooking Together – Men’s Edition Video

In 2010, Access Alliance pilot-tested a new program, Newcomers Cooking Together – Men’s Edition. Ten men from over eight countries with varying proficiency in English dare to team-up for ten consecutive weeks for a cooking extravaganza!

From “mush ” (mung beans) and “kishmish” (raisins) in the Qabli Pilau, to “choclo” (“ – corn – nothing to do with chocolate”) in Arepa de Choclo,  “mole” (spicy chocolate sauce) in Enmoladas and beans in the cookies – there’s never a dull moment in this kitchen and plenty to learn!

This pilot program was an outrageous success and has encouraged us to continue it as an annual program. Come witness the impact and excitement…