January 15, 2019


“Cookbooks are like a magician’s hat: one can get more out of them than they seem to contain. When they are read carefully, with due effort in understanding them as cultural artifacts, they are rewarding, surprising, and illuminating” (Wheaton, 1998).

Realizing the potential for cookbooks, our dietitians place significant value on creating the most memorable cookbooks possible given the monetary constraints faced by the program.

The cookbooks are a collaborative effort between the dietitians, participants and volunteers. The volunteers attend a training session hosted by the dietitians where discussions are encouraged around what makes a meaningful cookbook. We explore the importance of a theme, photographs, telling a story etc. Creativity is emphasized and that is why no two cookbooks are the same. Every year a new group of volunteers shadow us in the kitchen and work with the participants to help create a cookbook which best fits the groups’ personality.

We are pleased to share the following cookbooks as a memory of our times together

(currently not available for sale).

Cookbooks 2011 – 2012:

Cookbooks 2010 – 2011: