February 20, 2019

Community Work

Community Work

Knowledge is POWER.

Our dietitians believe in not only treating disease but also in preventing disease before it starts. Healthy eating is a key component of disease prevention. Each month the dietitians dedicate significant time to delivering nutrition workshops in the community. They are eager to share tools and resources for individuals and communities to make the healthiest choices possible in each of their unique circumstances.

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Hello Baby Circle (Canadian Prenatal Nutrition Program)

Every Wednesday of each month from 1:30 – 3:00pm, you can join Hello Baby circle, a program for pregnant moms. The gathering is an informal discussion where you can share what you know about pregnancy and learn new things from others as well as nurses, dietitians and guest speakers. You are encouraged to bring your questions and to get involved in the learning. Popular topics on the dietitian week (4th Wednesday each month) include: Iron & Vitamin C, Canada`s Food Guide and Portion Sizes, Healthy Eating on a Budget, Healthy Fats… and many more!

Location: 190 Woolner Avenue (at Jane St and Woolner Ave)
Eligibility: Pregnant women who are in the area bordered by St Clair Avenue West to the north, College Street to the south, Yonge Street to the East and Dufferin Street to the West
Contact: 416-925-2103 ext 237 or 416-964-8747 ext 254

To find other prenatal nutrition programs near you contact Toronto Public Health at 416-338-7600,

Healthy Child Screening (HCS)

Every year, Access Alliance dietitians take part in nutrition screening at the Healthy Child Screening. This event aims to enhance healthy early childhood development as children prepare to enter the school system. At each HCS, children and their parents (or guardians) visit a series of health screening ‘stations’ and meet with trained professionals. At the nutrition station you`ll find dietitians waiting to discuss your child’s food intake and meal patterns. Together we`ll discover if you and your child could benefit from some further visits with a dietitian.

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Newcomers Education Program (NEP)

NEP offers a series of workshops for newcomers on a wide variety of topics, including Nutrition in Canada. The program is offered to LINC and ESL classes and other community groups at no cost to the host agency. All the workshops are tailored for participants with English comprehension at LINC Level 3 and higher.

The aim of the program is to promote newcomers’ health, increase knowledge, skills, self-efficacy and self-esteem. The Nutrition workshops are presented by Access Alliance Dietitians as requested by community agencies.

For more information, contact Shankari Balendra at: