February 20, 2019

We see research as a powerful social tool not just for better understanding the world, but also for creating a better world that is more equitable, fair and just. Our research priorities, projects and activities are guided by these five values and principles:

Access Alliance is a recognized leader and champion of community based research (CBR) framework with proven capacity to make research process more inclusive, empowering and transformative. We train and meaningfully engage members of historically marginalized and under-represented communities in leadership capacity as co-creators of knowledge and agents of positive change. Our experience demonstrates that CBR framework brings a sense of shared community accountability to research in ways that deepen our values and principles.

Please click here for more information about our CBR Framework.

Our research centres on historically marginalized communities who face disproportionate and systemic inequities (racialized groups, immigrants/newcomers, refugees and people with precarious immigration status, LGBTQ+ groups, and families living in low-income neighborhoods). We boldly investigate issues that tend to be underexplored by mainstream research institutions. Our research priorities and projects go beyond simply documenting poor health outcomes and offering Band-Aid solutions to alleviate symptoms; instead, we strive to understand root/systemic causes and social determinants of poor health outcomes and inequities in ways that can inform upstream and long-term solutions.

The key social determinants we focus on include systemic racism/racialization, immigrant/migration status, forced migration, poverty, precarious employment, language barriers, food insecurity, environmental justice, and social isolation/exclusion.