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Healthy Futures for All

Message from the Chair of the Board

Arman Hamidian – Chair of the Board of Directors

Axelle Janczur – Executive Director

Our efforts this past year have been busy strengthening our current programs and services, reinforcing our pillars of Access, Quality, and Equity. In addition we have taken steps to advance transformative change in our sector. At the beginning of the year, before The People’s Health Care Act, 2019 was introduced, we underwent a period of self-reflection as an organization to reimagine the trajectory of health care with the guidance of a future strategist.

At the board and organizational level, we have been galvanized to believe in the impossible. We have reallocated our efforts and focus to ensure that are we championing the CHC model of care, that we continue highlighting the importance of addressing the social determinants of health, and to emphasize the value of innovation.

We continue to realize and harness the potential of partnerships and collaborations. Now, perhaps more than ever with the creation of Ontario Health Teams, they will be critical to our ability to respond effectively and efficiently to the needs and issues of faced by the people and communities we work with. We are committed to health system transformation and ensuring socially vulnerable communities are front and centre of attempts to dismantle barriers to accessing services.

Our achievements wouldn’t have been possible without the board members, volunteers, staff, and leadership that have all worked tirelessly. We want to thank them all for their courage to drive change, their unwavering dedication to our vision, mission, and values, and for making positive impacts in health outcomes for our clients. Access Alliance has grown much in our 30 years, and we look forward to our next 30 years of growth and opportunities to achieve health with dignity.

Thank you!

Mission, Vision and Values


Access Alliance provides services and addresses system inequities to improve health outcomes for the most vulnerable immigrants, refugees, and their communities.


Toronto’s diverse communities achieve health with dignity.


Client Centered:
Our clients are encouraged and supported to make informed choices and decisions that relate to their health.

Our partnerships increase knowledge, strengthen systems and maximize resources so we can take action effectively.

Equity, Access and Inclusion:
Our commitment is to challenge systemic barriers that reduce health outcomes for vulnerable populations.

Innovation and Excellence:
Our organization fosters a culture of continuous learning, quality improvement and best practice.

Our Stakeholders see a full and transparent use of evidence and resources that focus on positive client impacts.

Programs and Services

Access Alliance provides services and delivers programming to various locations across the City of Toronto. This access point model is an innovative approach that brings services into the areas where people are, for better and easier access to strengthen communities from within. Taking a client centered approach to service delivery means that we are continually evaluating the effectiveness with which we are breaking down the barriers to service, and looking for new partners and strategies to build capacity in our communities. Working together to broaden our reach and build leaders from within communities has proven to have the most effective impact on the individuals we serve.

Primary Healthcare Services

identifier-dark-pinkHealth Clinic
identifier-pinkNewcomers Cooking Together;
identifier-orangeDiabetes Education Program

Our interdisciplinary team includes diabetes educators, community health nurses and nurse practitioners, physicians, administrative support staff, interpreters, psychiatrists, registered dietitians, registered practical nurses and counsellor therapists.

Child and Family Program

identifier-women-childrenWomen & Children’s Programs
identifier-early-yearsEarly Years Outreach
identifier-expressive-artsExpressive Arts Program

A team of Health Promoters and Peer Outreach Workers provide community programs to women, men, children, and seniors. The Peer Outreach Model reaches families with children aged 0 to 12 years to create links with other newcomer women and children who speak the same language.

Youth Program

identifier-youth-programPrograms and services for youth aged 13 to 24 years range from primary health care to one-on-one counselling, peer mentorship, social and life skills workshops, educational sessions, arts, field trips, cultural and recreational projects.

Settlement Services

identifier-settlement-servicesThrough one-on-one settlement support and group workshops, Settlement Workers provide orientations to the Canadian systems, information about rights and entitlements, assistance completing forms and applications, referrals to programs and services, support and advocacy to deal with the effects of migration.

Language Services


This program is a social enterprise and works to help individuals and companies manage the language barriers they face in the delivery and receipt of services. It is an independent fee-for-service program offering high-quality interpretation and translation services. The RIO Network is a product of Language Services providing immediate over the phone and video interpretation.

Green Access Program

identifier-green-accessPrimarily located at the 6,500 square foot Green Roof at AccessPoint on Danforth, this program strengthens the health outcomes of our programs and services. The broader goal is community engagement, increasing access to healthy foods, community gardens in which to grow them, and environmental education that’s relevant to an inner city context.

Community-Based Research Program

identifier-community-based-researchResearch on the types of health issues faced by newcomers (e.g., diabetes, mental health issues) and about the social and economic factors that cause these health issues (e.g., poverty, access barriers, language barriers) conducted by, for and with communities with the goal of bringing positive social change.

LGBTQ + Services

identifier-lgbtqWorkshops and one-on-one support in an LGBTQ+ knowledgeable environment that recognizes that LGBTQ+ newcomers face particular challenges when settling in a new country. Working from an anti-oppressive framework is key to the services provided, creating safe, welcoming spaces to foster healthy communities.

Service Locations

Healthy Futures for All

For 30 years, Access Alliance Multicultural Health and Community Services has been addressing the diverse health care needs of Toronto’s most vulnerable communities. We’ve grown, changed, and adapted as the needs of our communities have evolved and we’re proud to be celebrating 30 years of community building, evidence-informed practice, and health with dignity.

To celebrate, we are collecting stories to celebrate our 30 years of history. Read our stories here, and keep checking back as we add to the collection throughout the year.

30 Stories Blog

Click here to view

Financial Statements (Audited)

Total 2018 Expenditures

  • 52.6% Personnel Expenses

  • 30.4% Service Delivery

  • 17.0% Operating Expenses

Total 2019 Expenditures

  • 50.9% Personnel Expenses

  • 33.0% Service Delivery

  • 16.1% Operating Expenses

Total 2018 Revenue

  • 51.4% Provincial Grants

  • 24.2% Fees for Interpretation

  • 8.8% Federal Grants

  • 5.0% Other

  • 4.7% United Way Toronto

  • 3.1% Foundations

  • 2.8% Municipal Grants

Total 2019 Revenue

  • 52.1% Provincial Grants

  • 24.5% Fees for Interpretation

  • 8.4% Federal Grants

  • 5.7% Other

  • 3.8% United Way Toronto

  • 3.4% Municipal Grants

  • 2.1% Foundations

Our Impact


Total active clients as of 2018/19 FY

Number of Clients by Site

  • 43.2%(9,120): Danforth, including Greenwood, Paul D Steinhauer, Barrington

  • 35.4%(7,478): Jane, including NIWIC” replaces “Access Point on Jane (APOJ)

  • 21.4%(4,523): College, including COSTI” replaces “College

Client Experience Survey


Overall satisfaction with Care and Services


Would refer family and friends


Felt a positive impact on their community


Agreed that hours meet their needs


Access Alliance helped improve my health and well-being

(93.5% – Agreed that overall services are accessible)
(99.6% – Always feel comfortable and welcome at Access Alliance)

Langauge Services

AALS as a service provider (internal and external customers)


Pre-scheduled interpreting requests processed


Immediate, on-demand over-the-phone interpreting calls completed. (i.e. completed and billed); over 1.5 million


Languages supported
(for all of AALS)

Top 5 languages at each site:

APOD: Arabic, Tigrinya, Dari, Hungarian, Nepali

APOJ: Portuguese, Spanish, Karen, Hungarian, Tigrinya

College: Portuguese, Arabic, Farsi, Spanish, Tigrinya

340 College St., Ste. 500
Toronto, ON M5T 3A9
Tel: 416.324.8677

3079 Danforth Ave.
Toronto, ON M1L 1A8
Tel: 416.693.8677

761 Jane St., 2nd Floor
Toronto, ON M6N 4B4
Tel: 416.760.8677

340 College St., Ste. 500
Toronto, ON M5T 3A9
Tel: 416.324.2731, press “0”

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