March 13, 2019

Partnerships and Networks

The well being of immigrants and refugees is the business of both the health and social service sectors in Ontario. However, the reality is that within the not-for-profit system there are inherent silos that exist as a result of historical differences in the way social, settlement, legal, employment and health agencies are positioned and funded. The result can be an overall lack of collaboration between these sectors in planning and service delivery.

Access Alliance recognizes that it is very important to break down silos and build linkages with other agencies in order to increase access to needed services for newcomers, immigrants and refugees. We also recognize that with the socio-economic and demographic changes over the past 10–20 years, many community organizations find themselves working in neighbourhoods that have experienced these changes in terms of issues and residents. As part of our commitment to community capacity building, we prioritize partnerships as a critical strategy to supporting good health outcomes for newcomers, their families and the communities they live and work in. It is also an important approach for the effective use of limited resources and ensuring effective coordination of services. Access Alliance has many strategic relationships with key partners that have resulted in outstanding achievements.