January 15, 2019

Our Clients

Client Activity Report

On an annual basis we survey our clients to ensure that the services we are providing are exceeding their needs and expectations. Below please find the Client Experience Survey Report and the Client Activity Report:

Taylor Massey Neighbourhood Profile

This is one in a series of Access Alliance Multicultural Health and Community Services (Access Alliance) Neighbourhood Profiles. Access Alliance is committed to creating and disseminating information that will lead to policy and services that enhance the lives of immigrants and refugees, and supports in organizational priority setting, program planning, and partnership development.

To view the Taylor Massey Neighbourhood Profile, click the link below:
Taylor Massey Neighbourhood Profile

To view the Needs Assesment Report, click the link below:
Taylor Massey Health Needs Assesment


Rockcliffe-Smythe Neighbourhood

To ensure that our programs and services are responsive to community needs, we worked with a Community Advisory Committee to conduct a Community Health Assessment for the AccessPoint on Jane site in 2013.

To view the Needs Assesment Report, click the link below:
AccessPoint on Jane Community Health Assessment

Where our clients are from

Most of our clients have recently come to Canada as immigrants and refugees. They are also a highly diverse group of people in terms of their countries of origin, their ethnocultural backgrounds, the languages they speak and the circumstances under which they have immigrated to Canada.

Where our clients are from

The top countries of birth for our clients seen by our service providers in 2016-2017 (fiscal year):

  1. Bangladesh
  2. Canada
  3. Syria
  4. Portugal
  5. Afghanistan
  6. Nigeria
  7. India
  8. Pakistan
  9. Mexico
  10. Iran

Client Languages

Our clients speak more than 70 different languages. The top languages spoken by clients (other than English) seen by service providers in 2016-2017 (fiscal year) were:

  1. Arabic
  2. Spanish
  3. Bengali
  4. Portuguese
  5. Farsi

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