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MyVote info sheet 

Our Youth Program is a finalist to get funded for an awesome sports program that would give newcomer yoth exciting opportunities to try sports like tennis, soccer, dragon-boating and skiing. But we need your help! In order to get the funding we need people to vote on our ideas as much as possible between October 22nd and November 5th. Here's the simplified voting process; remember to vote everyday so we can win this!

1. Go to the Game On Toronto website.

2. Watch the video created by these awesome people.

3. You will see a box next to the video that says "Vote"; click this!

4. Register; it only takes a minute and one time. Once that's done, click the Vote button again.

5. Vote everyday!

6. Share this link with everyone you can and encourage them to do the same! We can win this, but only if you vote... So game on!

Access Alliance urges MPs to vote against Bill C-585

(Read the full letter from Exectutive Director Axelle Janczur here)

If passed, Bill C-585 would have serious implications for the health and welfare of refugee claimants and many others awaiting permanent status in Canada. The Bill would amend the Federal-Provincial Fiscal Arrangements Act so that provinces could impose a residency requirement on people with certain types of status in Canada without losing any of their Canada Social Transfer payments. In other words, it would allow provincial governments to disentitle people in these situations to social assistance income supports until they meet a minimum residency requirement. As a result, refugee claimants and other people without permanent status in Canada could lose access to what may be their only source of income and livelihood.

CALL to ACTION! Stop the rise of precarious and insecure jobs that damage workers' health in five concrete steps

Insecure jobs are on the rise not just in the private sector, but also within the broader public sector (healthcare, education, childcare, settlement, community and social service agencies). See our infographic highlighting damaging health impacts from precarious jobs. We call on leaders within public sector to champion an internally driven change movement to reverse this unhealthy trend. 

To kickstart the process, Access Alliance is adopting an agency-level Good Jobs Strategy to put five concrete steps into practice. We call on other agencies to do the same. Download our infographic poster, read our blog, and visit our Good Jobs web link to learn about how to build pathways to good jobs, starting from your agency.

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Canadian health centres applaud latest report on health, wellbeing and access to community health services 

Read more about the report!

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Visit "A Million Reasons Why" on facebook and add your own photo of why you think the minumim wage needs to be raised above the poverty line. 

The Right to Healthcare Coalition: Working toward eliminating the 3-Month Wait for OHIP imposed on new permanent residents.

Click here for more details on the campaign.