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Refugee Health Matters: and the Federal Courts Agree!

2012 saw funding cutbacks to heathcare coverage for refugee claimants. Since that time, community health centres and many other allies have been working to reverse the cuts by educating about the serious damage these cuts were having on human lives in Canada.  Last Friday, the federal court held that these cuts are unconstitutional and against Canadian values. A decision has been issued requiring the federal government to reverse the cuts within the next 4 months!

"The 2012 modifications to the [Interim Federal Health Program] potentially jeopardize the health, the safety and indeed the very lives, of these innocent and vulnerable children in a manner that shocks the conscience and outrages Canadian standards of decency . . . I have found as a fact that lives are being put at risk." - Federal Court Judge Anne Mactavish.



Canadian health centres applaud latest report on health, wellbeing and access to community health services 

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