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Farsi-Speaking Women Support Group

Access Alliance is hosting a series of farsi-speaking women support groups, on Tuesdays, 10am - 12:30pm at 340 College Street. Suite 500. Sessions will start on April 7 and run until May 19. For more information or to register, please call Jasmine at: 416-324-8619 ext. 232

We're Hiring!

We're hiring for several positions including: Manager, Health with Dignity Services, Registered Nurse and Occupational Therapist. Visit the jobs page for full details and to view all job postings:

Making Mental Health Matter

"In 2012 I finally understood that silence makes things much worse for those struggling with mental health, and it affects their families similarly. This is when I created a blog site called Side by Side, initially as a personal blog to share my feeling and thoughts."

Nilam shares her personal experiences with mental health, how mental illness has effected those around her and how she has made efforts to get people talking. Read her story the latest blog post for the Immigrants as Nation Builders blog series on Newcomer Health Matters.

Click here to ream Nilam's story.

Income Tax Clinics

Access Alliance in partnership with Neighbourhood Centre offers a FREE income tax clinic to those who qualify. Click here to read the criteria and find information on how to book an appointment. 


The Legacy of a Passionate Community Leader

Can you imagine what the first black mayor of Toronto might look like? A passionate leader with a genuine commitment to fairness, equity and community empowerment.

Newcomer stories matter. To launch the new series, Immigrants as Nation Builders, we pay tribute to the late and great Nahom Berhane. Click here to read the full article, and please be encouraged to share, post and retweet. 

If you'd like to contribute to Immigrants as Nation Builders, please check out the follow link: 

CALL to ACTION! Stop the rise of precarious and insecure jobs that damage workers' health in five concrete steps

Insecure jobs are on the rise not just in the private sector, but also within the broader public sector (healthcare, education, childcare, settlement, community and social service agencies). See our infographic highlighting damaging health impacts from precarious jobs. We call on leaders within public sector to champion an internally driven change movement to reverse this unhealthy trend. 

To kickstart the process, Access Alliance is adopting an agency-level Good Jobs Strategy to put five concrete steps into practice. We call on other agencies to do the same. Download our infographic poster, read our blog, and visit our Good Jobs web link to learn about how to build pathways to good jobs, starting from your agency.

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Canadian health centres applaud latest report on health, wellbeing and access to community health services 

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Visit "A Million Reasons Why" on facebook and add your own photo of why you think the minumim wage needs to be raised above the poverty line. 

The Right to Healthcare Coalition: Working toward eliminating the 3-Month Wait for OHIP imposed on new permanent residents.

Click here for more details on the campaign.